Join us for History Harvest Blitz Week!

Invitation for Blitz Week

History Harvest Blitz Week

Join us for History Harvest Blitz Week April 8-12, 2013.Share feedback, suggestions, ideas, and strategies for building The History Harvest. We welcome faculty, teachers, students, librarians, technology professionals, and anyone interested in joining the project.

Monday April 8: The Student Experience
How do we create authentic learning experiences for undergraduate students?

Tuesday April 9: Archiving The People’s History
How do we digitize, curate, and manage community history?

Wednesday April 10: Building Community Partnerships
How do we work effectively with partners to share resources and materials?

Thursday April 11: Teaching the History Harvest
Join our Google Hangout 4 p.m. EDT or

Friday April 12: Reflection and Planning the National History Harvest
Join the NITLE Seminar with William G. Thomas and Patrick D. Jones 3 p.m. EDT

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